5 tips to nail your cadences every time


Cadences are essential to Bloobirds. By using our cadences, sales teams follow a structured strategy while contacting prospects and stick to that strategy without the hassle of not having specific software serving this purpose (yes, that's us). 

And while cadences are key to moving your prospects further along the sales funnel, it can be daunting to create new cadences or adjust the already existing ones. We've all been there, and that's why we want to share with you 5 tips to nail your cadences every time:

1. Choose your communication channels wisely

You have to be where your prospects are and where they feel more comfortable communicating. LinkedIn messaging and phone calls might be the preferred communication channels for more traditional businesses. However, let's say that your prospects are TikTok influencers: why not communicate with them where they develop their professional activity? 

Bloobirds offers you full flexibility when it comes to adding any step that you might think of to your cadence thanks to custom tasks. Admins can create as many custom tasks as needed for your cadences, so don't be shy while customizing your cadences in detail.

2. Timing is everything

You always have to keep in mind when it makes sense to contact a lead, especially if you will call. Nobody enjoys receiving a call at 5 in the morning and due to timezone differences, this is a more common issue than it might look like. But besides straight-out-of-a-nightmare situations like these, even if you call within working hours, it's important that your cadences are mindful of the busiest times, cultural differences, etc. 

When it comes to automatic e-mails, Bloobirds allows you to select between which hours you want to send these e-mails, and also select if those hours are in your timezone or in the lead's timezone. Always make sure to set up your automatic e-mails right so that they reach your leads at times when they're working.


And of course, we're not here only to talk about specific hours of the day. The distribution of steps along a cadence matters a lot: while you can send a LinkedIn invite and a short introduction on the same day, if you're sending extensive information about your service, you might want to leave some days for the lead to read and digest the information. A good cadence keeps your leads engaged without overwhelming them. 

3. Automate if you can

And since we just talked about automatic e-mails, this tip is a no-brainer. If you feel like a step of your cadence doesn't require your intervention each time, then you should automate it.

But with Bloobirds, automation is not a black-or-white matter. If you still want to review an e-mail before it's sent out but you stick to the same message oftentimes, then you can add a manual e-mail step with a suggested template

We cannot emphasize this enough: if automation doesn't feel right, then it isn't right. Don't overdo it. You don't want to come across as robotic or careless to leads whose first contact with your company is you.

4. Make it personal

And speaking of not sounding robotic, there is nothing more robotic than not including any information about your leads, their companies, and yourself.

Switching between apps to gather information is a thing of the past thanks to Bloobirds and, specifically, thanks to our variables. Whenever you are creating a new template or sending an e-mail on Bloobirds, variables will gather this information directly from your CRM and write it down as plain text. 


5. Always keep fine-tuning your cadences

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you probably won't nail a cadence in one attempt. Luckily enough for you, Cadences incorporate a lot of data and KPIs to help you to improve them. In the Analyze section, you can find all the information you need to understand if a cadence is achieving the expected results or if it needs improvements. In this section, you can also compare cadences to help you understand which changes might make sense.

This will always be an ongoing process. What works for you one day might be outdated the next one, and you might want to incorporate new communication channels, expand or reduce the length of a cadence, or change the messaging.  


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