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Having different pitches ready before you start a call can be crucial to share the right information at the right time with a prospect to move further along your sales cycle. With Bloobirds, you have all your pitches available each time you call.

As a salesperson, you aspire to the maximum efficiency possible whenever you're jumping on a call, this is what we call pitch efficiency. If you are speaking with the right person from the right company but conversion rates are low, then messaging and the way the pitches are delivered aren't working.

In this article, we present you 5 tips to elevate your pitches:

1. Make it personal (but not creepy)

A pitch should never sound like it's written and delivered by a robot (or an AI, in contemporary terms). Once you've introduced yourself and your company briefly, we recommend you make explicit in your pitches that you should talk about your lead and his/her company, and why you've decided to call. Here are some examples that you can include:

  • How did you get his/her contact details? (LinkedIn, subscription to newsletter, referral, etc.)
  • History with the company: have you spoken to any colleagues in the past? Has your company ever worked in the past with that company?
  • Any news about the company you've read/heard recently

Anything goes as far as you don't cross the line of what's too personal or using any information that isn't available to the general public.

2. Use different pitches for different industries and buyer personas

The power of segmentation comes into play. At Bloobirds, you can categorize your pitches so that you can find them easily when they're needed. When it comes to selling, one size doesn't fit all. You are going to need to have different pitches tailored to different industries and buyer personas.

3. Use Similar Won Deals

Similar Won Deals is an exclusive Bloobirds feature to find deals you've closed in the past sharing common factors with the lead or company you are currently prospecting. This tool is perfect to help you include deals in your pitch. For example: "Two months ago, we started working with X company and helped them to solve X pain point".

4. Always include a showstopping hook

Your goal is to create an impact on your lead and you don't have a lot of time, so including a hook that will catch your lead's attention and drive his/her interest in your product is mandatory. You can have one for all your calls or several ready as part of your pitch fitting different scenarios. This is a good example of a hook: "Our product reduces on average 8 hours of administrative work for salespeople weekly".

Whatever you decide to write down has to capture the lead's attention and leave him/her wanting to know more about your product.

5. Data is your best friend

In our field, data is stronger than words. No matter how much you promise to a lead about your solution. If you cannot back it up with data, it's hard to convince others that your product is what they need. And this is important during your pitches too. Don't go too heavy on it, but definitely share whatever relevant data that supports your statements. 

For example, let's say that you are selling tyres for heavy vehicles. What does it look better to you: "Our tyres last longer than others" or "Our tyres last on average 100,000 km. That's 25% more time than the tyres you're currently using"? Data adds context and showcases value, always make sure to include it in your pitches.


If you want to learn more about how to craft and deliver amazing pitches, watch this workshop with Andreu Iglesias, a sales consultant from The SaaS Institute.


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