How does Bloobirds calculate the Similar Won Deals percentage?


Bloobirds' Similar Won Deals is a powerful data tool integrated with our database that allows you to have immediate access to deals you've closed in the past related to a specific client because of different factors. But we understand that this all might sound a bit too abstract, and that's why we've decided to break down for you all these factors and how they affect the final figure.

But first of all, here's where you can find your Similar Won Deals:

  • In Bloobirds: Whenever you use our Smart Email Editor to contact a lead, you will see this icon in the bottom right corner.


  • In Salesforce and LinkedIn: You will find it in the bubble.


And here is the percentage that we were talking about (you can find it in the upper right corner of any Similar Won Deal):



How is the Similar Won Deals percentage calculated?

The first thing that our system does is evaluate the company you are prospecting and assign points based on this:

  • All custom picklists or global picklists without logic-role:
    • Every custom field sums +10
    • Every custom field which is a qualifying question sums +20
  • If these categories match, we will add these points:

    • Target market +50
    • Scenario +50
    • Industry +30
    • Employee Range +30
    • Country +20

Taking into account the total score, then our system will analyze all previously closed deals with other companies and, using both scores, it will calculate a final percentage.



a. The original company has filled:

  1. Target Market → 50
  2. Country → 20
  3. Custom field x10 → 100
  4. Custom field qualifying question x5 → 100

Total → 270 points = 100%

b. The other company has

  1. The same Target Market → 50
  2. 3 custom fields filled with the same info → 30
  3. 2 qualifying questions filled with the same info → 40

Total → 120 points

Percentage → 45% matching



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