5 ways in which Similar Won Deals will help you close a new deal


Bloobirds' Similar Won Deals is a powerful data tool integrated with our database that allows you to have immediate access to deals that you've closed in the past that are related to a specific client because of different factors. We know, this sounds complicated, but it isn't! And your emails and calls can really benefit from the information that is available to you at all times. You can find your Similar Won Deals in two different places:

  • In Bloobirds: Whenever you use our Smart Email Editor to contact a lead, you will see this icon in the bottom right corner.


  • In Salesforce and LinkedIn: You will find it in the bubble.


If you hover your mouse over the percentage in the upper right corner of a Similar Won Deal, we'll show you the different matches that our system has used to calculate that figure.


In this article, we present you 5 ways in which Similar Won Deals will help you close a new deal:

1. Include the solution that already worked for other companies

If prospects share the same scenario, we will show you similar won deals with other companies in the past. Scenarios are different use cases for your solution depending on the current problem encountered daily by your client. Specifically, it’s their pain point, and your goal is to make them aware of both the hurt and the fix. Pain points are dependent on the maturity of the client company.

Whenever we detect that the same scenario is being applied to a new prospect than to a prospect you've already closed a deal with, you will see it in Similar Won Deals. This is gold for an SDR since your product has solved a similar problem to other companies already. We recommend you mention how has your product solved issues for these companies.

2. Use the shared industry to your advantage

When you're prospecting, sometimes you might have examples of very well-known companies you've worked with that you can use in your calls and emails. However, experience tells us that the best way to approach prospects is by speaking their language and that means: by using examples of other companies from the same field. This way, you'll make sure that they're familiar with the examples you're using and also that these are more relatable.

3. Go local

Yes, name-dropping a big international company might seem attractive sometimes but you know what might be even more attractive to a prospect? Bringing up the name of companies that are from the same country or city. Similar Won Deals favors this sort of information and will show you often deals from the same country as your prospect, so why not use it to your advantage?

4. Size matters

Not in that way! What we mean is that, whenever you are prospecting other companies, it's not the same to sell your product to a company with 10 employees as to a company with 10,000 employees. And that's why Similar Won Deals will match the employee range to raise the matching percentage.

5. Similar Won Deals are completely unique

That's correct, Similar Won Deals take into account each of your custom fields to show you past deals that make sense to mention to new prospects. So if you have a lot of custom fields that add value to your prospecting process, we'll make sure to take them into account to show you closed deals that can open new doors to your business.

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