How can I synchronize LinkedIn messages with Bloobirds?


While this process is automatic at Bloobirds, certain conditions must be in place in order to ensure that the syncing is correct. First of all, remember that you need to have installed our Chrome extension. Here's everything you need to know about this topic:

Your lead's LinkedIn profile URL always has to be correct

That's the only way our system can sync LinkedIn messages. Our Chrome extension will assist you to capture leads with their LinkedIn URL correctly. However, if you need to add it or update it manually, here's how you can do it:


How can I check if my messages are synchronized?

Whenever you are messaging a lead in LinkedIn (this is specific to the messaging section, not just chats), if the bubble is showing this message, then your messages are synchronized:


And whenever your messages are not synchronized, this is how the bubble will look like:


What you'll need to do is click on VIEW PROFILE TO SYNC, this will redirect you to the LinkedIn profile of this lead. Once you save the lead in our database, simply go back to the messaging page of LinkedIn and refresh. Now your messages will be synchronized.

IMPORTANT: If you're using Sales Navigator and having trouble with syncing, please read this article.

But what if I'm using the chat?

If you're chatting on LinkedIn, we'll also show you whether the lead you're talking to is in your database or not.

If the lead is in your database, you'll see a green dot that looks like this:


If you hover your pointer over it, this is the message that will appear: "[first name] exists in Bloobirds, variables will be replaced automatically".

If the lead is not in your database, you'll see an orange dot that looks like this:


If you hover your pointer over it, this is the message that will appear: "Lead was not found in Bloobirds, we will try to replace variables based on LinkedIn information".

If this is the case, go to this lead's LinkedIn profile and add it to your database.


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