Inactive tab on the left bar


The inactive tab contains all your leads, companies, and opportunities that don't have any tasks scheduled in the future. A healthy sales cycle shouldn't have any objects inactive (but we know it happens, unfortunately). With help from our Inactive tab, make sure that you keep your pipeline healthy.

Keep in mind that if the status of an object is not Inactive on Bloobirds, then it won't appear in this tab.

What will you find in the Inactive tab?

First and foremost, in the top right corner, you can select whether you want to see your inactive companies, leads, or opportunities.

Next, you will see these filtering options:

  • Order by:
    • Assigned date oldest
    • Assigned date most recent
  • Assigned to

The next section is the bulk options, we'll talk about it later in this article.

And after that, you will see all the inactive objects. By clicking on any of them, you will see all the information about this object in the bubble.

What should I do with my inactive objects?

Directly from here, you can click on the Next Step blue button in order to move it out of this category:


 And this is the window that will pop up:


These options respond to a range of circumstances: from "it's time to take action!" to "there's nothing for us here", and everything in between. On the right blue square, we share with you some insights about each option to help you decide.

What if I prefer to take action over several objects all at once?

This is where our bulk actions come into play. You can either Select all or tick the boxes on the left of each object to select individually. You can set a cadence and reassign in bulk. This is how it works:



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