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Using custom tasks, you can customize a cadence so that it matches exactly with all the interactions that you have with a company or lead. This article breaks down everything you need to know to make the best out of this feature. Remember that you need to have admin rights in Bloobirds to create, edit, enable, and disable custom tasks.


What are custom tasks?

If you use Bloobirds, you're already familiar with the tasks. Tasks are the different actions included within a cadence (e.g. calls and emails) focused on closing a deal. With custom tasks, now we've broadened the possibilities so that you can be more specific while creating cadences and logging activity in Bloobirds.


Where can I create and manage custom tasks?


Custom tasks have their own category inside My Playbook. From this category, you can:

  • Select an icon for your custom task
  • Name your custom task
  • Add a description
  • Add extra fields
  • Save

Once you've saved your custom task, you can add it to any cadence.


Which icon should I pick?

It's really up to you, icons are not linked to a specific type of task. However, we recommend you match those in a way that makes sense to you and your team (so probably not the LinkedIn logo for a WhatsApp message).


What are the extra fields? How do they work?

As we mentioned before, admins can add extra fields to each of your custom tasks. Extra fields allow you to customize your custom tasks so that they can contain exactly the information you want. For example: adding a required "Message Body" field to a WhatsApp message or a non-required "Meeting result" field to an in-person meeting.

As we just mentioned, extra fields can be:

  • Required: Activity can't be logged unless the information on this field is filled in by the user
  • Non-required: Activity can be logged with or without this information


How can I include custom tasks in a cadence?

Remember that before adding a custom task to a cadence, this custom task needs to be created as we indicated before.

When you're inside a cadence, click on the + ADD STEP blue button. This is the modal that will pop up:


Select Custom, and then you can:

  • Select the type of custom task
  • Set up time options
  • Add a task description
  • Select if it's skippable or mandatory

Once all the required information has been filled in, select ADD STEP.


How can I see my custom tasks inside of a cadence?


From either your daily or weekly view, custom tasks will appear in the tasks section. If there's only one custom task, then its icon will be displayed. If two or more custom tasks exist for a specific day or week, then we will indicate here the number of tasks. Click on the number if you would like to see the specific tasks displayed.


How can I log activities?

Only for Chrome extension users: from the bubble

If you're on the profile of a contact on Salesforce or LinkedIn, this is the icon you need to click in order to log an activity quickly:


And now you can select the activity you want to log.

Only for web app users: From a lead/company profile

If you're on the profile page of a lead or company at Bloobirds, this is what you will see:


Click on the icon and then a drop-down menu will appear. Select the activity you want to log.  


How can I disable custom tasks?

If you want to disable a custom task, you have to go to the Custom Tasks category on My Playbook and then you can disable it by switching this button:



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