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The Bloobirds App works over Salesforce and LinkedIn to allow you to have all your favorite Bloobirds productivity functionalities in front of you while you are prospecting. In this article, we'll show you how to squeeze our App's possibilities. 


  1. The left bar
    1. Tasks
    2. Inbox
    3. Outbox
    4. Meetings
    5. Nurturing
    6. Inactive
    7. Pipeline
  2. The bubble
    1. Home view
    2. Existing contact view
    3. Non-existing contact view

The left bar


You'll always find the left bar stuck on the left side of the screen whenever you're working on Salesforce or LinkedIn. The left bar is a simplified version of the main menu in the Bloobirds web app. In the left bar, you'll find:

  1. Tasks
  2. Inbox
  3. Outbox
  4. Meetings
  5. Nurturing
  6. Inactive
  7. Pipeline

No need to memorize anything, whenever you hover your mouse over any of these icons, we will show you the name of the category. Here's what you can do in each of these categories:


If you click on Tasks, this view will pop up:


Here, you will see:

  • Filtering options by:
    • Date
    • Stage
    • Quick filters by type (On Cadence, Tasks, Meeting Reminders)
  • The blue buttons:
    • Start tasks
    • Add task

This is the view that will pop up in the bubble once you click on the play button (Start tasks):

And this little window will slide out of the left bar when you click on Add task (+):


  • Overdue tasks. In each task, you will be able to:
    • Edit
    • Visit profile on LinkedIn/Salesforce
    • Reschedule task
    • Mark as important
    • Mark as done




Here, you can see all incoming activities including:

  • Filtering options by:
    • Date
    • Type (Calls, Emails, LinkedIn)

And depending on the type of activity, you can:

  • Email:
    • Mark as read
    • Reply all (launches Smart Email Editor)
    • Reply (launches Smart Email Editor)
  • Call:
    • Report call result


And then, you can adjust the lead status on the next screen:


  • LinkedIn:
    • Mark as read
    • Message on LinkedIn

When you select the last option, this modal will slide out of the bubble:



Here you’ll find the automatic emails generated by the cadence and those programmed manually. 

Besides the filtering options, if you hover over each email you can:

  • Preview
  • Reschedule
  • Send now
  • Cancel


In the case of failed delivery attempts, you'll have the option to retry.



You have different filtering options to visualize all your meetings by:

  • Creation date
  • Reported
  • First meeting or follow up

In each meeting, you can visualize:

  • Meeting name
  • User
  • Name of the person you're meeting with
  • Scheduled time

And the actions you can take directly from here are:

  • Visit profile on LinkedIn/Salesforce
  • Report result


This is the section where you'll see leads that aren't a good fit at the moment. From this view, besides filtering, you can:

  • Visit profile on LinkedIn/Salesforce
  • Reschedule task
  • Mark as done (at least one attempt is needed in order to do so)



In this category, you'll be able to see your inactive companies, leads, and opportunities. And filter those by assigned date and assignee. In each object, you can:

  • Visit profile on LinkedIn/Salesforce
  • Move to the next step


Pro tip: You can set cadences and reassign in bulk.


From this category, you can see companies, leads, and opportunities currently present in your Pipeline. Filtering options are by assigned date, by assignee, and also by status. Quick filters include Delivered and Active Pipeline. If you hover over each object, you can:

  • Visit profile on LinkedIn/Salesforce
  • Set cadence


Pro tip: You can set cadences, stop cadences, and reassign in bulk.


The bubble

Home view

The bubble is draggable and can change its appearance. This is the home view of the bubble:


If you click on the email icon, our Smart Email Editor will pop up.



This is how the calendar view looks:


On the left side of the screen, you have thorough meeting configuration settings including:

  • Meeting details
  • Guests
  • Type of activity
  • Activity details
  • Pitch
  • Required information to close meeting

Once you've filled in all the information, simply click on the CREATE blue button and your meeting will be ready.

You can select your own calendar or your organization's calendar. As well as setting up your timezone.

If you want to see the details of a specific event, simply click on it and you'll be able to visualize:

  • Name of the meeting
  • Date and time
  • Attendees


This modal will slide out of the bubble once you click on the Notes icon:


It is draggable and straightforward. You can format your notes the way you want to thanks to all the editing options, include links, and also save as favorites with the star icon. 


This button will redirect you to LinkedIn in a new tab.


You will find two different functions within the call button. The first one is the log call feature:


And if you select the icon next to "Log call", then you will open the dialer:


Pro tip: You can have your pitches in front of you every time you call, here's how it works.


Existing contact view

When you are in a LinkedIn profile of an already existing contact, here's how the bubble will look like:


We have identified here 4 key areas in the picture above that we will cover here:

1. Company - Leads - Opportunities - Company relationships

These are the different layers related to the company you are prospecting.

2. Profiles of the company/lead on LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Bloobirds - Similar Won Deals

Access from here the different profiles of the company/lead. The last icon stands for Similar Won Deals.

3. Actions

Very similar to the actions we've reviewed in the home view. The last icon represents the contact details.

4. Overview - Activities - Tasks - Playbook

  • Overview: A summary of all the most relevant information about this record
  • Activities: Every interaction you've had with this record will appear here (you can filter as well)
  • Tasks: Check existing tasks for this record or create new ones
  • Playbook: Pitches, snippets, email templates, LinkedIn templates, and Qualifying Questions all in one place

Non-existing contact view

Finally, if you visit the LinkedIn profile of someone who's not among your contacts yet, here's what you will see:


Fill in all the relevant information and save this lead to have access to all the available features at Bloobirds.


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