Why do I see different statuses in the Bloobirds' bubble vs. SFDC?


The statuses in Bloobirds are specific to our platform and are defined this way for several reasons:

  • They help implement the process and provide visibility on where the lead, company, or opportunity is in the process according to the experience and recommendations of Bloobirds.
  • Our statuses generate some automations that help streamline the process, removing manual tasks for users and classifying objects to always have an updated pipeline. You can learn more about our statuses here.
  • We build our reporting based on our statuses, providing a level of detail and granularity that other CRMs and tools do not achieve, such as our Funnel visualization.

That being said, why don't the statuses in SFDC and Bloobirds match?

Salesforce allows full customization of your statuses, allowing you to rename, set up multiple funnels and add automations. Salesforce statuses can be edited and Bloobirds statuses "copied" to match 100%, or some may match and some may not.

In addition, the statuses may or may not be "mapped," meaning that when the status is changed in one system, it is updated in the other.

In most cases, it is not necessary to "map" or have a common list of statuses. Both systems have different objectives and can coexist, having different criteria for updating them.

In Bloobirds, in addition to the mappings, we have tools such as "Workflows" that allow us to make changes to values in SFDC or Bloobirds based on changes, activity, tasks, etc., offering great flexibility to allow both systems with different statuses to coexist.

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