How to change the appearance of Bloobirds on top of Salesforce/LinkedIn


Whenever you are working on LinkedIn or Salesforce, you will see the Bloobirds' bubble appear on the right side of the screen. But did you know that you can change its appearance very easily? Here's how it works:

The bubble

By default, you'll see the bubble. The bubble's characteristics are:

  • It takes less screen surface than the Side Peek
  • It's draggable, you can place it wherever you want each time

From the bubble view, If you click on the button shown below, you'll switch to the Side Peek:


And if you want to minimize the bubble, click here:


Side Peek view

The characteristics of the Side Peek view are:

  • It takes more room than the bubble view (33% of screen surface)
  • Its position is fixed: always on the right side of the screen

This is the Side Peek view:


From this view, you can:

Switch back to the bubble view by clicking here:


Or you can minimize it:



We summarize everything you can do regarding the appearance of Bloobirds on top of Salesforce/LinkedIn here:



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