What do I need to do on Salesforce prior to start using Bloobirds?


In this article, we explain to you everything that you need to do on Salesforce to lay the groundwork for Bloobirds and make sure that everything runs smooth from start.

Your organization must have one of the following CRM platforms:

  • Salesforce Professional edition with REST API access
  • Salesforce Enterprise edition
  • Salesforce Unlimited edition
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The Main CRM Connector is utilized by Bloobirds to perform all CRM synchronization updates for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities on behalf of this user.

The user acting as the Main CRM Connector must have the following permissions:

  • Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Activities, and Opportunities: "read," "edit," "create"
  • Field Accessibility:
    • Read Access: Unidirectional Fields (CRM > Bloobirds)

The person that connects the integration must also have these sharing settings enabled:

  • Read Access is mandatory for any record regardless of the object that needs to be synced with Bloobirds
  • Read/Write Access is necessary for any record regardless of the object that should be updated or created by Bloobirds

Important Considerations:

  • We suggest linking the Main CRM Connector to a user who has CRM administrator privileges. However, this is not mandatory as long as the Connector user has the appropriate permissions.
  • For field mapping that only originates from CRM to Bloobirds (import only information), read-access is the only permission required by the Main CRM Sync.
  • For any information that is synced bi-directionally, the Main Connector license requires read and write access.
  • Be mindful of your API limit. You have a specific number of API calls per day, based on your CRM edition and number of seats. You can find more information on how to determine the Bloobirds API call limit and how to change it.

And you're ready to go! Now it's time to log in to Bloobirds.

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