How do I send an email to a record on SFDC?


If you're already a Bloobirds user, don’t worry about sending emails, the process is exactly the same as in the Bloobirds platform!

To send an email from Salesforce, all you have to do is access the record you want to contact. By accessing the profile, the bubble will display and you can click on the email button.

When clicking, a modal will appear where you can choose recipients, cc, subject, and content... as well as being able to choose existing templates.

The Bloobirds email modal has a "Smart" section where we offer you help to compose the email

  • History of conversations
  • Similar deals (sales that share some common data and serve as a reference)
  • Agenda, with a view of your daily calendar (as long as it is synced)

Let us show you how it’s done:


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