How do I create a task in a record on SFDC?


With Bloobirds, you can create a task or next step quickly and easily from two locations, remember that a Next Step is a task outside the cadence that is created manually by the user.

  • On the one hand, by navigating to the record of a lead, contact, company, or deal and as long as it is synchronized with Bloobirds, in the bubble you will find all related information and from here, by clicking on the task icon (light blue), a modal will open where you can select the time and date, as well as the task details.
  • On the other hand, from the left bar in the Tasks tab, by clicking on the +, you can also create tasks not related to any record, you can leave them as unassociated tasks (for internal use), or you can edit the task and associate it at any time.

The next step will appear as pending from the record profile (if it is associated) and also in the Tasks tab on the day it is scheduled to be completed.

Let’s see how it’s done!

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