Why do I have to use the new version of the Bloobirds Chrome extension?


The new version of the Bloobirds chrome extension helps run your sales playbook with our productivity tools and task system on top of Salesforce and LinkedIn, helping you to focus on what's important without leaving your current system to be more productive, efficient, and accurate.

It has two sections with different purposes:

  • The left bar → Where you can reactively check your pending work for today. A simplified version of the main menu in the Bloobirds web app, where you can find your today's tasks, scheduled meetings, incoming and outgoing activity to and from your leads and contacts, plus two pipeline hygiene sections where you can focus on Nurturing objects and inactive companies, people and opportunities to pay attention to.
  • The bubble → Where we’ll proactively show you contextual information as you browse the left bar, Salesforce or LinkedIn. The bubble shows you an account-based view of the object, record or profile you select wherever you are, you can see their companies, opportunities or related people and the activity, tasks of each one, plus you can access your playbook to use it for calls, emails, tasks, cadences, notes and meetings which you can create directly with a single click.

Please note! You need to have the last version of our Chrome Extension before being able to use this new tool. We keep updating it, so to confirm you have the last one, click on update in the Bloobirds extension (chrome://extensions/).

Let's see a quick tour of these two👇🏽


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