What is the difference between a touch and an attempt?


The main difference between these two concepts is the type of contact:

- Attempt → As its name indicates, it's an attempted contact. It's each cadence activity with or without an answer; for example, every call, email, or LinkedIn message that does an SDR.

- Touch → It's an effective contact. It's an incoming activity (email, LinkedIn message, call...) or a call that an SDR reports as correct contact. 

Let's see a user case so you can understand it better:


We are prospecting a company that has 2 leads and we want to find out how many attempts and touches we have done. To do so, first of all, we need to go to the company's profile overview. Go to see the cadence view.


There, we can filter by type of activity (touch, attempt...). 


If you want to know how many attempts one of the leads has, select the lead's cadence and filter by activity 'Attempts'. 


If we don't use the cadence filters we see it at a company level, but as we've seen you can choose a specific lead. 


To sum up:

  • Every outgoing and incoming activity is considered an attempt.
  • Every incoming activity is considered a touch.
  • Calls reported as Correct Contact are considered a touch.


  • Every new attempt and touch updates the last attempt date field.
  • When we try to complete a task we use the last attempt field to validate the contact and be able to do the mark as done.


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