Which meeting results can I report?


After meeting a lead, you can report the results in order to have all the information saved in your Bloobirds account and continue the prospecting. To do so, click on report result next to the meeting card in the activity feed.


A modal will open, the options you have are:

1. No show. A task is created for the SDR to re-book the meeting. It depends on your workflow if you want to use this or not. Sometimes the Account Executives do this job. 


2.Qualified. As soon as the meeting result changes to qualified, the status of the company changes to account. Account means that a sales opportunity can be opened with the company.


3.Unqualified. The lead with company goes to discarded by default. This is also an automation that we can adapt if needed.


4. Rescheduled. Those cases where the meeting is rescheduled to a date before the date it should have happened or if there is a non-show and the meeting is scheduled to a future date.


5. Scheduled. The meeting date has not arrived yet. If the meeting date has passed and the meeting result is still scheduled, it means that the actual meeting result has not been reported yet. These companies appear in the inactive tab because the result need to be reported and the next steps decided accordingly.


6. Custom. You can decide on extra meeting results if the previous ones don't cover all the possibilities. Some automations can be established depending on the case.


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