Which Bloobirds automation possibilities do I have?


With the needs of our users in mind, we have modified the Bloobirds prospecting logic. In this article, we explain how it works.

Company and/or lead status changes to 'On prospection'

  • The automatic status change to 'On prospection' of a company is executed ONLY when a cadence is started if it comes from previous statuses. It can be changed manually whenever you want regardless of the previous status.
  • When you change the company to 'On prospection' the status of the leads is not automatically changed.
  • When a lead is in the status 'New' and an attempt is done, it changes to 'On prospection'.
  • The lead status DOESN'T change the company status.

When does the cadence stop automatically?

  • The cadence stops automatically if we change the company from another status to Meeting, Nurturing, Account, Client, and Discarded status.
  • Stopping the cadence automatically when the company changes to Nurturing is only executed if we come from OTHER STATES than Nurturing. A new cadence can be set and it won't stop if the status does not change.

Other automations we've decided to keep

  • When we create a meeting, the lead and the company change to Meeting status.
  • When the meeting result is Qualified, the company status changes to Account.
  • When we change the company to Nurturing, the leads change to Nurturing status too.
  • When we change the company to Discarded, all its leads change to Discarded too.


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