How does the general search bar work?


The general search bar is a new tool that will allow you to search for different objects in all the database at the same time.


For now, there are 5 searchable fields by default. Each one has a multiplier value to ensure that the results displayed are as accurate as possible:

  • Name: Multiplies x2
  • Email: Multiplies x1
  • Phone: Multiplies x1
  • Job title: Multiplies x1
  • Website: Multiplies x1

As you can see, Bloobirds prioritizes the field 'name'. 

So, how does it work? We use a search engine that checks the values the user wishes to search and sees if they match any value from any field marked for search on every object. In other words, it goes object by object checking if the input matches anything searchable on that object. Then it assigns a value. Let’s see this with an example:


We’re searching in for a company name “Freebird”

  • Company named “Freebird”
    • The name matches perfectly and gets 100 score points
    • It has an email that matches part of it so it gets 50 score points
  • Company name “Bloobirds”
    • The name kinda matches so it gets 60 score points
    • Does not have an email field filled, so it does not get any additional points
  • Company name “Countrybirds Scenic View”
    • The name matches poorly so it gets 50 score points
    • It has an email that matches partially so it gets another 25 score points
  • Company name “Hubtype”
    • The name does not match at all. It gets 0 score points
    • Does have an email field, but does not match either. It gets 0 score points

With these four examples one might think that they’re ordered by how they’ll be displayed, but if we calculate the scores of each one the results may change. Keep in mind that we’ve set the name to be weighted x2 on the search.

  • Freebird > 100*2 (name) + 50 (email) = 250
  • Bloobirds > 60*2 (name) = 120
  • Countrybirds Scenic View > 50*2 (name) + 25 (email) = 125
  • Hubtype > 0

Based on these, the company Hubtype will not even be displayed on the results page and the results will be: Freebird, Countrybirds Scenic View, and Bloobirds, in that order.





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