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If you've experienced having cadence tasks assigned on weekends although the cadence setting is configured only on weekdays or even random tasks appear, a time zone mismatch could be causing this. Let's see what you can do!

First, go to your user settings > general.



There, check which time zone you have set in BB and also which one you have on your laptop. Maybe you are working in BB with a time zone (for example, UTC + 01:00 Europe/Madrid) that is NOT THE SAME as your laptop's time zone (for example, UTC - 06:00 America/Mexico City). 


The thing is to match both time zones: BB and laptop. To do so you can:

1. Change BB time zone by going to your user settings > general and choosing it from the pick list. Remember to save changes.


2.  Change your laptop's time zone by going to its Date and DateTime settings. Take into account that this process will depend on your laptop' system (Windows, MacOs...)

If the time zones don't match, you'll find on the home page a warning:











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