Lead Based


What is it?

The possibility of working with the lead object. As you can manage two different objects (company and lead), there is a dependency or interrelation between them and their cadences.


How does it work?

Those tabs where you work with objects, that means delivered, inactive and all, are divided in two sections: one for each object: companies and leads.


And those tabs where you work with tasks, that means on cadence, scheduled and meeting tasks, will display all the tasks together and chronologically ordered regardless of whether they are company or lead tasks, there is no distinction. However, they will be easily recognized thanks to their emoji


Pro tip: use the start tasks button in order to quickly navigate through the tasks. 




Leads and companies can be assigned, but they have different assignments. You can have assigned a company and not its lead or the other way around. The assignments dependency is decided in account settings, specifically in preferences > general settings.


- If you don’t mark any option, the assignment won’t be spread. This means the lead’s and company’s owner doesn’t have to be the same, there’s no dependency.


- If you want, there can be a dependency from lead to company (1) or from company to leads (2), this is by marking the option that suits you best.



Take into account: when the dependency acts from leads to a company, the one of the last leads will be taken. If leads are coming in and each lead is being assigned to a company, that company is going to change its owner depending on the last entered lead.



Each SDR can establish cadences for his/her assigned objects (companies and leads).


In “My Playbook” there will be a distinction between companies and lead cadences, they’re not the same. To create them, you just have to follow the same process as always, choosing the lead object [admin rights needed].



Remember the lead must be assigned in order to be able to start the cadence!

If you want to create a lead cadence after knowing the lead-based prospecting model, check out this article where we explain to you the whole process, including email automation.



In the tasks tabs, you can apply some filters and use the “start tasks” option, as always.  


While navigating through your tasks, you’ll see in the overview the lead’s cadence or the company’s cadence, depending on the object you are working on at that moment. 




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