Bloobirds to Salesforce native integration sync settings


What is it?

Bloobirds has native integration with Salesforce with a user interface that allows you to track progress and configure the setup. Before starting to configure your Salesforce native integration, you will need to do an initial setup.

Note! If you want to deeply learn about the whole native integration between Bloobirds and Salesforce object by object, check out this article. If you prefer to follow the outbound process, step by step, stay.

So here we explain to you how to customize your Salesforce integration to your organization's requirements.


How to do it?

To access it, go to the User menu on the top right and select Account Settings.


Next, click on Salesforce on the left menu and select the Sync Settings tab. Make sure you are in the Bloobirds > Salesforce section.



Creating leads/contacts

Here you can customize how your Bloobirds leads are synchronized to Salesforce. There are different options for how to send the information after a new lead is created or updated in Bloobirds:

  •  Does your company use the lead object in SF and want to finish prospecting in SF before moving it to sales? Create lead in Salesforce.


  • Does your company do all the lead prospecting in BB and send it to SF only when it is qualified as a contact? Create contact in Salesforce. 


  • Has your company qualified the lead in BB but want that if it is passed to SF as a contact there ir already an account, and if not it is passed as a lead to make the complete conversion? Create contact only if its company is in Salesforce, or else create lead. 



Look out! Deleting a lead in Bloobirds won't delete the corresponding lead/contact in Salesforce.


When to send the information? Depending on the level of maturity you decide to send the information to SF, you can select to only create a lead/contact when the lead status is a specific one. Some examples:


- Send the lead only when it's already qualified in BB -->  Status Contacted.


- Create the lead in SF regardless of its status --> All selected.


- Only send to SF discarded leads for a later MKT campaign from SF --> Discarded.


In this section, you also have some advanced settings:

(✓) Send lead only if it has a company.


(✓) Search for leads and contacts by email before creating them in Salesforce.


Search on Salesforce by lead (only not converted) or Contact and Person Accounts.


(✓)  When syncing a Bloobirds lead to Salesforce as a Lead, assign it to the User stated by the value in Account Executive field. The Account Executive field must contain a list of emails from the USERS in Salesforce to be able to be matched with the CRM owners.



Creating accounts

Here you can mark to create Companies from Bloobirds to Salesforce as Accounts. Take into account that Accounts will be searched by Name before creating them to avoid duplicates


When you decide to mark this checkbox, there are several options for when the information is transferred, which is regulated according to the status of the Company in Bloobirds. For example:

  • Do you want all the BB Companies to switch to SF to have the same database? Select all the company statuses. 


  • Do you want only companies already qualified in BB to move to SF? Select Account status.


  • Do you want the discarded ones to be sent to SF in order to have them in the database and make a touch in the future? Indicate Discarded status.



Syncing activities

Here you have to decide which activities you want to send. There are two levels of activities integration:

- Intensive --> You may want to integrate all of them because you need to know the history of actions that have been carried out.


- Neutral --> Only integrate the key activities.



The key activities can be those that the result of the calls is positive or the notes without wanting to influence, for example, to see the entire history of emails. That means you have some advanced settings where you can, for example, only send calls with concrete call results.


You can also mark:

(✓) Only send calls when they have a recording included.


(✓) Include the associated call recording within the call recording description.



Syncing opportunities

There's the option to create opportunities in SF that have been previously defined in BB by simply marking this checkbox. 


Salesforce account

At the end of this sync tab, you'll find your Salesforce consumer key and the Salesforce admin mail. From here you can: copy the consumer key, change from the picklist the admin mail or delete the account.







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