Fields - Global Picklists


What is it?

Fields are the gaps you choose to have in the forms of the different objects. You can set up three types of fields: regular fields, global picklists and groups.


How does it work?

To create and manage your fields, you need to have an admin account. Click on your user name and go to Account Settings.


There, go to Data Management, specifically to Fields.


You can edit and create regular fields, global picklists and groups as we have said before.

Let's see global picklists here!

  • Global Picklists: Here you'll find all the system global picklists (those created by Bloobirds; you can see them or edit some information but not delete them) and the ones you create. A global picklist is a list of values that can be shared in different picklists across all objects.


In case you know exactly which one you are looking for, you can write the name in the search gap.


You can add global picklists by clicking on + CREATE NEW GLOBAL PICKLIST.


You'll need to write a name and add some values, as many as you want. 


To do this, you have to choose the sort of value (alphabetical or score), write the value's name and give it a score (if you want, it's optional). Click on ADD. Once it's done, click on SAVE VALUES.




Once they're created, you'll be able to select one of the global picklists while creating a field. If you choose global picklist as the field type, you'll be able to choose which you want to set from the ones you or Bloobirds have created.


You can preview all of this in the Test your layouts at the top of the page.


Finally, for each global picklist you have the option of: editing or deleting it.


By clicking on the delete icon, a pop-up will appear asking if you are sure. Click on DELETE.



Remember that those system fields created by Bloobirds can't be deleted or managed by you.









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