Messaging segmentation criteria


What is it?

It’s the selection of the segmentation criteria for your playbook content. This will be the one you can apply when creating a template or a QQ and will define the filters (categorization) available in the messaging section of the company or lead (prospect). 

How does it work?

To access this section, you need to have Bloobirds' admin rights.

Edit the segmentation criteria

Go to My Playbook and select Messaging Segmentation from the left menu bar.


You have a total of 5 different criteria that you can edit. Click on one of them and choose which one you want from the picklist.


Click on SAVE.


View on Bloobrid's app

The segmentation criteria you have set will be displayed as a filter in the messaging tabs such as pitches and snippets or the different templates.


It will also appear while creating a template or a QQ as categorization to easily filter your templates when contacting a lead.


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