A cadence is the combination of the established number of attempts and channels used to contact a lead. It should be formed strategically for each buyer persona and target market.

How does it work? 

To access this section, you need to have Bloobirds' admin rights.

Create cadences

Go to My Playbook and select Cadences from the left menu bar.


Select which object you want to create a cadence for, and click on +CREATE NEW COMPANY/LEAD CADENCE. 


A warning will appear asking you what kind of cadence you want to create and recommending you the best one for your prospecting model.


Put a name and select if you want everyone to be able to edit it and make changes.


Then, choose 1) what do you want to do if you reach the limit of emails allowed per day: mark as failed or reschedule, 2) if you want to be able to reschedule your steps and cadence for another day or set them fixed, 3) if you want the steps to be mandatory or skippable and 4) which days of the week do you want the cadence to be played: only on weekdays or every day.


Watch out! If you want to change the current limit of emails per day (200 by default), you need to talk to your manager so he/she can change it from account settings > email > email safety

Click on CREATE and continue editing your cadence.

Bloobirds will display the calendar with the type of activities and the days you can run them. Make sure the enable button is marked before adding the steps.


Click on +ADD STEP.


There are two types of steps.

  • Manual steps

You can add a phone call, a manual email, or a LinkedIn message.

You’ll need to indicate which day you want the step to run, add a task description and select if you want to change this step to mandatory or not regardless of the general setting.

Click on ADD STEP.


You can check and control all the manual steps in the prospect tab.

  • Automatic steps (Mail Automation)

You can add an auto-email. 


You’ll need to:

- Indicate which day you want the step to run.

- Indicate WHEN you want to send the email.

A. During determined hours. If you set the hours, you need to concrete if it’s your time zone or the company/lead’s one.


B. After a determined time delay. If you choose this option, you need to concrete which time delay (from immediately to 8 hours).


- Add a description.

- Activate (or not ) some extra options:

1. Ask in outbox before sending if any of the previous tasks is not completed. By selecting this option, an auto email task won’t be sent if the object has one or more overdue tasks pending to complete and will be marked as “paused”.



2. Ask in outbox before sending if the prospect previously contacted you. By selecting this option, an auto email task won’t be sent if there is any previous incoming call, email or LinkedIn activity registered and will be marked as “paused”.


3. Include the Opt-out link at the bottom of the email. Selecting this option will always include an opt-out copy with a link at the bottom of the auto emails, allowing the recipient to click on the link and be redirected to a confirmation page. Auto emails sent to prospects that are marked as opted-out will be marked as “failed”. You will always be able to unmark the prospect manually.

Make sure to hyperlink the text with Bloobirds automatically generates a dynamic link based on your custom domain.


Click on CONTINUE. 

Finally, you’ll have to add the email content. Choose a thread, put a subject and choose a template or write the content from scratch.


Click on SAVE.

You can check and control all your automatic steps in the outbox tab.

After adding all the steps you want, you’ll see the cadence overview with the steps along the calendar. 


Delete cadences

We advise you not to delete a cadence, but rather to create a new one or change it on the target market.

Reschedule steps or cadences

As we have said, now you can postpone individual cadence steps or the whole cadence in case you've marked the reschedulable tasks option previously.


To reschedule a step, for example, you have to go to the prospect tab. There, mouse over a today task and click on RESCHEDULE. 


A pop-up will open and you have to mark if you want to reschedule the whole cadence or just the selected step and select the next date (tomorrow, in 2 days, in one week or a custom date).


Users view in Bloobirds' app

This will be available on the lead’s or company’s profile. 



It also appears while configuring the cadence of a lead or a company.


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