Scenarios are different use cases for your solution depending on the current problem encountered daily by your client

Specifically, it’s their pain point, and your goal is to make them aware of both the hurt and the fix. Pain points are dependent on the maturity of the client company.

How does it work? 

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Create scenarios

Go to My Playbook and select Scenarios from the left menu bar.


Create a new scenario by clicking on +NEW SCENARIO, fill in the name, and add - if you want - a brief description indicating the level of maturity of the companies associated, as well as an indicator.

For example, for an Early Stage scenario:

These companies do not yet have a solution in place and hardly realize there is something that should be improved regarding this matter. It requires a higher investment in time and sales effort for them to consider buying a solution.

An indicator a company is in this stage is if the company does not have a sales team.

Click on SAVE.


Delete scenarios

It is preferable that you deactivate them instead.

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