Hubspot to Bloobirds native integration sync settings


What it is

In this section, you can manage the conditions under which the information flow will be synchronized from Hubspot to Bloobirds.


Our native integration is very complete and allows you to customize the information flow when creating contacts, companies, inbound activities - based on Hubspot form submissions, and even delete objects.

How it works

Creating leads

Sync all contacts

All contacts created or updated on Hubspot will be registered on Bloobirds, as long as they do not already exist.

To determine if a contact already exists Bloobirds checks if the ID and email of the contact have already been registered.Screenshot_2021-08-01_at_20.10.30.png

Sync only selected contacts

For contacts to be synchronized, they need to be on a Hubspot list. Hubspot contacts on the lists that you select will be automatically added to Bloobirds


Assign contact to a company

Decide if when creating a contact you also want the company to be created on Bloobirds or just the contact.


Contact properties

Bloobirds' inbound leads have the properties:

- MQL accepted: implies that the marketing team has qualified the lead.

- SAL accepted: implies that the sales team has qualified the lead.

Marketing and Sales qualification are internal processes whereby the contacts created are reviewed and approved by these departments.

If you tick on these properties, Bloobirds will automatically assume the leads are ready to be assigned to an SDR who will start prospecting them.


Creating companies

Companies created for the first time on Bloobirds can be created on the status New or Backlog.


And they can be assigned to a Bloobirds user as follows:

Hubspot company owner

The company will be assigned to the Bloobirds user that is mapped to the Hubspot company owner.



If the Hubspot user is not mapped to a Bloobirds user, the company will be created but not assigned.

User stated on Hubspot field

The company will be assigned to the owner stated on the Hubspot field under the company object. The Hubspot field will need to be filled in with either a Bloobirds' user name or email.

To associate it, type in the Hubspot field property name.



This condition overrules the conditions created on the user mapping.

Form submissions

Select it if you want to synchronise the form submissions on Hubspot as an inbound activity on Bloobirds.


On the mapping section you can determine which form submission fields are synchronised and how.


Deleting objects

When selecting this option the objects leads and companies that are deleted on Hubspot, will also be deleted in Bloobirds.



Any activities related with these objects will not be deleted from Bloobirds even if they are deleted from Hubspot.

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