Verify if your Sales Navigator or Linkedin messages are synchronised


You can easily verify if your lead's Sales Navigator or Linkedin messages are being synchronised with Bloobirds by using our Linkedin Capture plug in.


To do so, go to the Messaging section and click on the lead's conversation, the Capture plug in will indicate if the messages with this lead are currently being synchronised on Bloobirds.

If the information does not appear straight away, click on refresh -the two arrows on the top right of the Capture plug in.


If the lead's messages are not being synchronised, the Capture plug in will let you know by following the same steps described above: select the conversation with the lead and click on refresh.

Now you just need to follow the steps in order to synchronise them, first of all click on +VIEW SALES NAV PROFILE.


On the lead's profile you will see that a red dot appears on the B icon, click on it.


There are two possible reasons why this lead's messages are not being synchronised.

The first one is that this lead does not exist on Bloobirds, in this case you just need to add the lead on Bloobirds using the Capture plug in.


The second one happens when the lead already exists on Bloobirds but the URL on the profile is the Linkedin one and you are using Sales Navigator.

This is due to the fact that the Linkedin URL is different from the one on the Sales Navigator.

In this case, you just need to go to the lead's profile open the Capture plug in and click on refresh. Now the connection between Sales Navigator and Bloobirds will be established.


As a last step, to synchronise the messages, go back to the messaging section and click on the conversation with the lead, then click again on Capture plug in refresh button.




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