Overview filters


What it is

The filters allow you to fully customise the graphs so that you can turn data into relevant information.

You can add any of the variables or and choose how you want to segment the data.


How it works

Data filters

The first two filters allow you to segment the information by time:

- The first one indicates the time range of the data you are going to add up: today, this week, this month...


- The second one displays the data by grouping it into: weeks, months, quarters,... the grouped data is shown on the graph at your right.


In this example, we are showing all the activity that took place this month and grouping it by day.


Grouping filters

These filters you can assess your sales strategy by grouping the information in: target markets, employees, ICPs, number of leads or any other company variables.


In this example, we want to know if our activity is being equally prosperous across the different target markets. Therefore we group by Target market.


In this other example we want to see how is the activity distributed among our team members and spot any team members that are being particularly successful. Therefore we group by Assigned to.


You could also group the chart Companies started to prospect by Nº of leads and see for each company that you started to prospect how many leads are assigned to that company.


Variable filters

These filters are there to customise your graphs down to the smallest detail. With them you can add and segment by any of the Bloobirds variables.



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