Cadence control from correct contact flow


What it is

Bloobirds offers you the possibility to stop or change the cadence of a company right after you have had a call and have registereda Correct Contact result.


So that you can decide whether you want to stop the cadence or continue it despite having had a Correct contact.


How does it work

Call the lead using the phone icon and the dialer will pop up.


After the call, you will be asked to register the call result, if you select Correct contact the correct contact flow will be triggered.


If you select CONTACTED or ENGAGED as the lead status


You will be asked if you want to:

- Stop the cadence by selecting I do not want to do anything else.

- Set up a new cadence by selecting I want to configure a new cadence.

- Plan a next step by selecting I want to manually schedule a next step.


Stop the cadence

By default when a lead status changes to Contacted or more advanced, the status of the company goes into Contacted and the cadence stops.


It is important that you plan next steps in order to continue prospecting the lead until a meeting is scheduled.

Configure a new cadence

If you want to continue with the cadence by choosing I want to configure a new cadence, you will be able to choose from all cadences you have configured on Bloobirds admin.



If you want to add new cadences or modify existing ones, you can do so on Bloobirds admin Cadence section.

Select the date where you want the new cadence to start.



There will be changes in the lead and company status depending on when in the start date:

- Date in the past: the selected lead and company will go into On Prospection.

- Date in the future or today: the company will go into Ready to prospect and you will have to manually change all leads' statuses into New, otherwise the cadence once the first attempt has taken place.

Schedule a next step

Select the date, title of the task and lead associated, click on SAVE.


You can save it on your calendar if you wish to.


The task will be registered on the cadence board, Tasks section.


And on the Prospect section under Scheduled.


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