How to check the synchronisation status between Bloobirds and Salesforce


On your Salesforce native integration section, under the tab Sync Status, you can supervise the status of your Salesforce integration.



API call use

Under this section, you can find the number of Salesforce API calls used. Each time an action takes place in Bloobirds that is synchronized to Salesforce, an API call will be consumed.


Salesforce gives you 15.000 API calls per day. Once this balance is exhausted, Bloobirds will stop synchronizing the activities to Salesforce until the next day, when your balance will be restored.


Sync logs

This section shows you a list of all the actions that have been sent from Bloobirds to Salesforce to be synchronized.


If the action has successfully been synchronized it will show SUCCESS under the sync status. In case it has not been synchronized, the status will be FAILED. To find out why the synchronization may have failed, click on the log title and you will see the code and the reason why.



Use the refresh button to update your list of sync logs.


If you want to be notified via email every time a synchronization has failed, switch on the email button.




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