How to manage users synchronisation in Salesforce native integration


Salesforce users

In this section, you can match your Salesforce users to a Bloobirds account.

Bloobirds automatically detects which users are currently on Salesforce and lists them under the column SALESFORCE USER.


Under the Salesforce user will be registered the contact, companies and activities carried out by the Bloobirds user.

When a meeting is created, the event in Salesforce is assigned to the Account Executive that is selected as the Account Executive on the Bloobirds meeting. This owner is only updated on the Salesforce result.

If you also wish to have the Lead and Account updated or have an Opportunity created automatically this will need to be done via Zapier.

Reach out to our customer support team if you have any questions.




Matching users to Bloobirds

The SALESFORCE USER is automatically detected by Bloobirds and needs to be matched to a Bloobirds user account.

As a result, all the activity carried out by the Bloobirds user will be synchronized to Salesforce with the Salesforce user as the owner.


All activities mapped to Salesforce and carried out by Bloobirds users -even if they are not matched to a Salesforce user, will still be synchronized.

The ones that are not matched to a Bloobirds user will just not have an owner assigned on Salesforce.




Adding new users

When new Salesforce users are created you can automatically add them to this list by clicking on the RESYNC button. This button also resets all the previous matches done, so every time you use it you will need to choose the Bloobirds user again.




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