How to map fields and sync info between Bloobirds and HubSpot


Mapping fields

On the Mapping section of your HubSpot integration, you can determine the fields to be synchronized between Bloobirds and HubSpot.


You can map Bloobirds fields to HubSpot fields of Contacts, Companies, Deals, Forms, and Opportunities. Additionally, you can also map the call, meeting, and opportunity results. 


When creating a new field, you will be asked to fill in the HubSpot field name corresponding to the Bloobirds field.


To find out the name, access your HubSpot account and select Properties from the left menu.


Select the object you want to do the mapping to, for example, Company properties and click on the field that you want to be mapped.


Click on the </> symbol to display the Internal name.


Use the internal name to fill in the field mapping form on Bloobirds and click on NEXT STEP.


As the last step, you may choose how you want this synchronization to happen:

- Always use Bloobirds: Hubspot will always be updated with the most recent value in Bloobirds. HubSpot will not send info for this field to Bloobirds.

- Always use Hubspot: Bloobirds will always be updated with the most recent value in Hubspot.

- Two-way: Hubspot and Bloobirds will both be updated with the most recent value available.

- Don't sync: neither Hubspot nor Bloobirds will be updated.


Leads switch

By clicking on it you can stop or activate all lead and contact synchronizations between Hubspot and Bloobirds.


System Lead mappings

At the end of the page, you will find the System mappings.  These are fields mapped by default and cannot be modified.



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  • It appears, that the UI of HubSpot has changed and also the way how you pick (instead of enter the internal name) the HubSpot field.

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