How to customize your HubSpot native integration


Before starting to configure your HubSpot native integration, you will need to do an initial setup.

In this article, we explain how to customize your Hubspot integration with Bloobirds to fit your organization's needs.

What is it

Bloobirds has a bi-directional native integration with HubSpot with a user interface that allows you to track progress and configure the setup.


Find out how you can customize the data synchronization from Bloobirds to Hubspot and from Hubspot to Bloobirds.

How to do it

To access it, go to the User menu on the top right and select Account Settings. On the left menu, select Hubspot and click on the Sync Settings tab.


Depending on the direction of the information flow, you will have to choose Bloobirds -> Hubspot or Hubspot -> Bloobirds.


Bloobirds to Hubspot

In this section, you can manage when you want to create a contact in Hubspot depending on the lead's status on Bloobirds. As well as ensure data completion before the sync is allowed.


The type of activities you want to be synchronized, depending on their result.


As well as your sales opportunities to be synchronized according to their status.


Find out all about it on this article.

Hubspot to Bloobirds

In this section, you can manage when you want to create a contact from Hubspot on Bloobirds.


As well as include the company and lead properties.


When creating a company, decide the status, owner,...


Create an inbound activity based on a Hubspot form. And delete objects on Bloobirds if they are also deleted on Hubspot.


Let's find out more about how it works in this article.


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