Register a call result


What is it

One of Bloobirds' main features is that allows you to classify and register the information gathered on the call with the lead.

There are two ways in which you can register a call result.

Manually editing the call activity

Click on the pencil by hovering your mouse over the right of the call tile.


Select the call result from the drop down.


Filling in the questions after the call

This is probably the easiest way to fill in the call result, just after the call a window will pop up that will guide you through the questions.


Let us tell you a bit more about it...

How does it work

At end of the call, click on the red phone icon to hang up.


Then a new window will pop up inviting you to register the call result.
Depending on wether you register a correct contact or not, you will be presented different options. Here you can find out more about what the different call results mean.

Correct contact

If you have been able to speak with the lead and confirmed this is the right person to prospect, the call result is Correct contact.


As a result, you will be asked to say if you have performed the sales pitch.


To complete the notes and qualified questions. All information you have registered during the call will be presented in this pop up fo your review.


To update the status of the lead and/or the company.

Depending on the option you pick, the status of the lead will be updated accordingly.
To summarise it on a table:


The changes in lead status do not affect the company status.

This means that, if even if a lead is set to Nurturing or Discarded, the status will not follow the same status of the lead.

The changes in the company status can affect the company status.

If the company status is set to Nurturing or Discarded, the leads status will be set to Nurturing or Discarded as a consequence.


After updating the status of the lead you will be asked if you want to schedule a next step.


Which you can also add to your calendar.


The call is registered in the cadence board and Activity list.


Note that once a lead has gone into status contacted, engaged, meeting, nurturing or discarded, the cadence will stop. As a consequence, all future prospecting activity should to be scheduled by you as a next step.


No correct contact

If there hasn't been a correct contact, the cadence based prospecting activity should continue.

Therefore the call result flow is different.


You will be able to edit the notes registered during the call.


And manually schedule a next step in addition to the existing cadence. 


Note that the cadence flow will continue until a Correct contact has been registered.


Watch out for

Note that if during the call you have been browsing other pages in Bloobirds, the pop out will not appear after hanging up.
In this case, to register the call result click on the top right bell icon and select the call.
Register the call result.
Update the information.
And schedule a next step if you wish to do so.
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