Verify caller ID


What is it

This is a way to add a non-Twilio phone number to Bloobirds.

Like any number on a wireless phone or a landline in your home or office, it must be previously validated on your Twilio project and it can be used for outbound call with a custom phone number.


When to use it

You may want to consider this option when you cannot buy the phone number on Twilio and you require to use this specific phone number.

How to activate it

Verify the number

Log into your Twilio account and on the left menu select Phone numbers and then click on Verify caller ID.

Screenshot_2020-12-07_at_14.43.51.pngClick on the + icon and type in the number you want to add, click on Call Me.

Screenshot_2020-12-07_at_14.48.37.pngYou will now receive a call to the phone number you just added, where you need to register the code that appears on your Twilio page.


Add the number to Bloobirds

Once the number is verified on Twilio, you need to register it in Bloobirds. 

Log into your Bloobirds admin account, go to Phone numbers on the left menu and click on +CREATE.


Add the phone number you just activated on Twilio, and click on SAVE.


Note that as Sid code, you can just type 1234.

Assign the number to a user

As a final step, assign this number to a Bloobird's user.

In your Bloobirds admin account, go to Sales Team on the left menu and click on Users.


Select the user you want to assign it to by clicking on the name and click on EDIT.


Scroll down to phone numbers and select the phone number on the drop down menu. Click on SAVE.


How does it work

Verified phone numbers can only be used as a caller ID for outbound calls.


Incoming calls to the verified number will continue to route through the existing service provider (your wireless service, landline provider, etc.).


If you would like to receive incoming calls through Twilio, you may be able to forward your calls to a Twilio phone number via your service provider. Alternatively, we may be able to port your phone number in.

Watch out

The incoming calls to your Verified caller ID number will not come through Bloobirds but through your current service provider.

This means that these incoming calls will not be registered on Bloobirds' activities or have voice recordings.

However, you can make outbound calls calls using your Verified caller ID number on Bloobirds and the activity will be registered and there will be voice recordings.


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