Leads bulk creation


What is it

This feature allows you to create leads in bulk by importing them on an excel template.

How it works

To access the lead creation, go to BULK ACTIONS, on any of your Bloobirds' lists.


Before you create your list of leads

Make sure you have imported the companies that you will assign the leads to before carrying out the leads import.

Every lead needs to be assigned to a previously existing company.

Prepare your leads' template

To assist you with getting organised, we have created a template that you can download and fill in with the lead's data.

You can download it by going to BULK ACTIONS, select Import, update or delete objects.


Choose the action you want to carry out: create, select the objects Lead and click on NEXT.

Screenshot_2021-04-30_at_17.37.56.pngThen click on download the Excel template file.


Take the template as a guideline this means that you do not need to fill in all columns, only the ones that are mandatory on your lead's profile.

The fields that are mandatory will be marked in orange.


Or you can create your own excel file, including all the lead's mandatory fields. 

Link the lead to the company

In addition to this, on the template you will need to have a column named Company, which allows Bloobirds to identify which company the lead will be assigned to.

The column Company needs to be filled in with the Company's ID.


To find out the companies ID download a list of companies to your computer, and you will have the list of the companies' ID.

To make your life easier, before you download the list, you can filter them by status New, Backlog and Delivered for example, or any other field that will trim down the amount of companies.


Data format

On this article you will find important general guidelines on how to prepare your data such as the format of phone numbers, dates and most common errors when importing.

Upload the template

Drag and drop the companies' file and click on CHECK FILE.


If the template is correct, you will get a message saying you are good to go. Click on START CREATE.Screenshot_2021-05-02_at_21.16.29.png

A window will pop up, you can close it.


And you will be redirected to the list of bulk actions where you can check if everything worked well.


Here you can download the files you just uploaded and check any errors by clicking on them.


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