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With Bloobirds you can now track your prospect's emails!

With this new email tracking feature, you can know if your prospect opened an email and if he clicked on any of the URLs in the email text.

There is even a counter that tells you how many times this happened!


Note that, in order for Bloobirds to track the emails, you need to send them from Bloobirds by clicking on the button SEND FROM BB, if you send them using Gmail they will not be tracked.

How does it work?

You can track your emails on the Activity section under your company profile.


Note that for the email tracking to work you need to send it from BB.Screenshot_2020-10-20_at_17.00.00.png

For each email you will see a number that indicates:

  • Opened: how many times the email has been opened
  • Clicked: how many times the URLs in the email text have been clicked


If you click on Show details Bloobirds will display what time the email was opened and which URLs where clicked on. Disclaimer: If the recipient clicks on the same link twice or more times in less than 2 minutes, it will only be counted as one click.


In addition, in Account Settings 


under Email templates, you can see the open, click and reply rate for each template.

This helps you detect which templates are having a higher success rate among your prospects!


Watch out for

When it comes to email tracking (open email, click on a link) metrics are not always 100% precise. Here we show you some of the most common cases:

An email counts as opened when you open it yourself

You can now avoid this by following the simple steps described in this article.

An email shows as opened right after you've sent it

Mobile phone and desktop notifications on the lead's device can cause an email to be rendered as open when it hasn't.

An email has been answered or a link in an email clicked on but does not show as opened

Ad blockers and email providers that have high-security levels can delete Bloobird's pixels that track the email, therefore the email has not been tracked as opened.

A link has been clicked more than once but it's only been counted once

If a recipient clicks on the same link twice or more times in less than 2 minutes, it will only be counted as one click.

An email has been sent saying the lead's email address does not exist but it is registered as opened

This is due to how the server fetching systems that host the email domain render the email. If they render the email before making the auto-reply it is possible that the email is tracked as opened. 

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