Add phone numbers


What it is

The numbers on our dialer that your SDRs use to call prospects can be easily added and removed from Bloobirds.


Just go to Account settings, section Dialers there you can manage the phone numbers your SDRs are using to call as long as you have Account admin permissions.


Contact our support team if you have any questions.

How it works

Before you start

Mind that for a number to work on Bloobirds first you have to buy it from a service provider either by:

- Buying a number from Twilio

- Buying a number from a service provider and adding it on Twilio as a Verified caller ID

- Buying a number from Aircall (coming soon)

Once this is done, you are ready to add the number on Bloobirds and start calling via VoIP!

Watch out!

VoIP calls require having a high quality internet connection. If your this cannot be guaranteed, we recommend you to use the mobile phone option which ensures call quality via 3G and for a very affordable price.

Add a phone number

Go to your user name and select Account settings and from the left menu choose Dialer.


The first time

The first time you want to add a number on Bloobirds app, you need to first connect the account to the service provider by following these steps.

Twilio numbers

If you have either bought a number directly from Twilio or from another service provider and added it on Twilio as a Verified caller ID, this section applies.

On Account settings section Dialer, select the Twilio tab and fill in the following fields.


The Twilio application sid you will find it on Twilio TwiML Apps section.


The Twilio account sid and token can be found on your Twilio account home.


Once filled in, decide if you want to enable call recording and click on SAVE.

Aircall numbers

Coming soon.

Additional numbers

To be able to use the purchased numbers, you need to add them on Bloobirds app.


Twilio numbers

Numbers bought directly from Twilio or added on Twilio as a Verified caller ID.

From your Twilio account, you need to retrieve the following information:

  • Phone number
  • SID ID
  • Country

To access this information, enter your Twilio account and click on the three dots on the left menu.


Select Phone numbers.


In the Active Numbers section, find the number you want to add to Bloobird's admin.


Click on the phone number.


Here you find all the required information to add the number in Bloobirds.




And copy the Phone number, SID ID and Country from Twilio (as shown above) and click on SAVE.


Note that if it is a Verified caller ID, you need to click Yes and it is not necessary to fill in the SID number.


The phone number is now added to your Phone Numbers on Bloobirds and you just need to select the users you want to start calling with it!


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