How can I copy my Outlook signature in HTML?


You can copy your signature from Outlook into Bloobirds using the HTML code.


To do so, access your Outlook account and open a new email or any other where you have your signature.


Right-click on the signature and select inspect to view the HTML code.


Select the line that says "signature" and copy it, you will see how the signature is selected in the email text at the same time.


Log into Bloobrids app and click on you user name, select user settings from the top right.

Captura de Pantalla 2023-08-07 a las 8.35.47.png

Select the EMAIL tab and copy and paste the HTML code in the change email signature box.

Captura de Pantalla 2023-08-07 a las 8.38.43.png

Important: If your signature contains embedded images, it might happen that those images can't be accessed and shown. We recommend you download these images and upload them from the EDITOR view to your signature. You can use the link icon afterwards if you need to link an image to an external site.

Insert photo.png

Select the Insert my signature within the email editor whenever I compose an email box if you wish and click on SAVE CHANGES.

Now your Outlook signature should appear every time you create an email from Bloobirds.


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