Connect and test your Gmail account


We have broken down into steps how to check that Bloobird's integration with Gmail is working.

Integrate Gmail account

If you have not already done it, create a Gmail account that you will use as your company's email to send the messages to your prospects from Bloobirds.

Now, you need to integrate your company's Gmail account with Bloobirds. Go to Bloobirds app, click on your user's name and then select User Settings.


Select the CONNECTIONS tab and click on Connect your Google account.


Click on your company's Gmail account.


The first time you add an account an alert message opens up, click on Advanced.
Click on Go to
Click on Allow.
The Gmail account has been successfully added to Bloobirds and is synchronised!

Create a test lead's Gmail account

Create a gmail account that you will use as your lead's gmail to test the messages are being sent correctly.

Go to Gmail account's creation page and fill in all the required information.



Finally, verify the contact details provided.


Now you have created your lead's email account that you will use for the test.

Create the lead in Bloobirds

Before creating the lead in Bloobirds, we will create the company and then associate the lead to it.

In your Bloobirds app, click on Create Company.


Type in the company information and assign it to yourself and save the new company.


It will now appear on Bloobirds' company list.


Create and associate a lead to the company.


Make sure the lead's contact details and especially the email are the ones your have created in the gmail test account.


Save the new lead and now it will be associated to the company.


Send a message

This is the last step to check the email integration works properly.

Go to the company's dashboard and make sure the lead you want to send the message to is selected on the lead's section.


Now to send the message, click on the email icon.


Select the message you want to send among the ones proposed or create your own customised one and then click on LAUNCH GMAIL.


If you are not logged in already, Gmail will ask you to choose the account from which you want to send the email, choose your company's email.


Automatically an email window with the message and the email address of your lead is ready to be sent!

Click on Send.


Enter the lead's email account and verify you received the email that you sent from Bloobirds.


Then, in the lead's gmail account, answer the email as if you were the lead replying.


Now enter Bloobirds app and verify you have received it as an incoming email in the company's dashboard.


If you received the lead's email, congratulations! Your Gmail integration is working smoothly.

In case you followed the previous steps and is not working for you, please contact our support team and we will be happy to assist you further.

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