How is information structured in Bloobirds?

Before you start creating fields, it is important to understand how the information is structured on Bloobirds.
Fields are the smallest unit of information and they are grouped in field groups. Think of a field group as a folder that contains small units of related information.
In turn, field groups are associated with an object and presented in a form. Think of an object as the drawer where you keep folders that contain information about the same topic.


As a Bloobirds admin user, you can create and edit fields for five objects: Company, Lead, Opportunity, Activity, and Task.
The object Company, contains all the information about the companies.
The object Lead contains all the information about the leads...

... and so on.

Field groups

Field groups organize the way in which fields are presented in an object form. One object can have several field groups, in turn, contain fields with related information
Note that field groups are associated with an object through the fields they contain, and for a field to be visualized, it needs to be associated with a field group.
In this example, you can see eight of the thirteen field groups that the company Musicians S.L. has.
And each field group contains fields with information about the same topic.


A field is the smallest unit of information registered on Bloobirds. Fields containing information about the same topic are grouped in field groups.
In this example, the object lead has its information organized in several field groups, such as Contact information. Fields containing contact information are clustered in this group.
As a Bloobirds user, you have two subsets of fields to work with: system fields and custom fields
  • System fields are predetermined by default and are at the core of Bloobird's functionality.
  • Custom fields can be created and personalized by the admin user to suit your sales strategy.
There are also different types of fields, depending on the format of the information contained. Find out how to create and edit custom fields on Bloobirds.
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