Information to review before a meeting

Bloobirds gathers all the relevant information for you to review and get ready before the meeting.

Company information

Stand out from the sales crowd by being relevant to your prospects!

Bloobirds provides information about the company target market, profile and demographic characteristics, so that you can centre your attention on why they would be interested in your solution.

Focus on how you can help them fulfil their company's specific needs and speak in terms of benefits. 

To access the company information, go to the company profile view by clicking on its name.
A window will open up, click on EDIT COMPANY.
Read through the company information sections: main information, company rating, scenario, answers to the profiling questions.

Lead information

To make progress in a sales process, it is not enough to match the company needs, your lead must understand why it is important for him to have the solution.

Depending on their role in a company, each person will be interested in your solution for different reasons, and you need to customise your pitch accordingly.

You can find this information on the lead's profile view. To access it, click on the name of the lead you are having the meeting with.
A window will open up, click on EDIT LEAD.
Have a look at his profile information, specially at the Role information section to understand his perspective and be able to put yourself in his shoes during the meeting.


The combination of the company target market and scenario, and lead's ideal customer profile determine the messaging.

These three factors combined tell you how this company can benefit from your solution, if they perceive they have a problem and their willingness to purchase, and why the lead would be willing to use it.

In addition to this, here you find all the answers to qualifying questions, which provide you with more specific information about their business model and market situation. This helps you understand your prospects' world and be even more precise. 
You can access this information by going to the company dashboard view and scrolling down to the Messaging section.
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