Confirm a meeting with the lead


What is it

Before every sales meeting, the SDR is responsible for sending a confirmation message to the lead. This increases the lead's engagement and the probability of having a successful sale.

Bloobirds will automatically create the task Confirmation Before Meeting every time a meeting is scheduled.

To see it, go to the company's dashboard view and scroll down. On the Activity section Bloobirds shows that a meeting has been scheduled.
On the Tasks section the associated task Contact Before meeting will be recorded. It needs to be completed prior to the meeting.


How to confirm the meeting

Your company sales strategy defines the type of contact that you need to establish with the lead, to confirm the sales meeting.

It could consist of sending the lead an email, a LinkedIn message or have a call, all these are supported by Bloobirds.


How to complete the task

Once the meeting with the lead is confirmed, go to the Meeting section on the task bar, select the meeting you want to confirm from the list Tasks for the next 3 days on your left, and click on DONE FOR TODAY.
On the tasks list section, the Contact before meeting status will go from TO DO to COMPLETED and the task Contact before meeting will disappear from the list Tasks for the next 3 days.
Note that to keep track of the company on the task bar, you must have a next step planned and scheduled.
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