Restart a cadence


What it is

A cadence is a suggested sequence of contact attempts that have a start and an end date. To restart a cadence means that the start day of the sequence is set to a date of your choice -past, present or future. The cadence activity is registered at the company level and shows the sum of all contact attempts carried out on all the leads.
When you restart a cadence, Bloobirds will ask you to choose a new start date. Contact attempts carried out in the past will still be kept in the cadence board and listed on the Activity section.

When to do it

Restarting a cadence is useful in the following events.
Cadence not followed
If you have not been able to follow the current suggested cadence, restarting the sequence may be a good option. 
There are several reasons why this may happen: a holiday period, other priority companies required your attention, there was a change of company owner.

Cadence ended

When the cadence sequence has ended and you have not been able to get in touch with a lead, you may decide to try with a new lead.
In this case, we suggest you to add the new lead you want to start prospecting to the company and restart the cadence.

How to do it

You can change the lead or company status in different ways:

  • Hover your mouse over the lead's name and click on the pencil.


The lead's form will open up, scroll down to the Status field and select New then click on SAVE. Do this for all the leads and the status of the company will automatically be updated.


  • On the lead section of the company profile. Click on the status button or on the three dots next to it. A pop-up will appear in both cases and you only have to select the new one and SAVE. 




  • In the prospect tab (delivered, inactive or all). Click on the three dots and click on change status. A pop-up will appear and you only have to select the new one and SAVE.



* Remember you can do this with a company or with a lead.


Cadence control

Click on the Cadence control link above the cadence board.


Select YES, STOP THE CADENCE and I want to configure a new cadence, press CONTINUE.


You will now be able to choose from all cadences you have configured on Bloobirds admin.



If you want to add new cadences or modify existing ones, you can do so on Bloobirds admin Cadence section if you have admin rights.

Select the date where you want the new cadence to start.



If you want, there will be changes in the lead and company status. After modifying the cadence, you have the option of change the status too.


And the new cadence and date will appear on the dashboard.
The activities carried out on the past will still be recorded on the dashboard.
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