Cadence has ended without a contact

If the cadence has ended and you have not been able to get in touch with a lead -register a correct contact, you can decide to manually:

Restart cadence

Reschedule the company's cadence start day in order to change the count and continue prospecting the same lead.

Change the lead status

Change the lead's status and continue to prospect the company with a different lead.
There are two status that we recommend you to use:
  • Nurturing: the lead will be targeted with specific marketing messages and when he shows interaction with the content, the SDR can start prospecting him again.
  • Discarded: the lead is considered invalid and should not be prospected again.


Now you can start prospecting the company again with a different lead, if there are no more leads associated to the company, you need to find new ones and add them to the company.

Change the company status

If all leads' cadences have been exhausted and is not possible to start prospecting with a new lead, you may decide together with management, to stop prospecting the company.

There are two status that we recommend you to change the company into:
  • Nurturing: the company is put on hold until alead shows interaction with marketing content.
  • Discarded: the company is considered invalid and should not be prospected again.


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