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There are two ways in which you can add a note on Bloobirds, you can either add a note to a lead or to a specific activity -call, email, LinkedIn message.


Go to the company's dashboard view and ensure the name of lead you want to add the note to appears on the right.
Click on the yellow icon on the right Add new activity.
A menu will pop up where Note will appear by default on Type of activity field. Fill in the fields and click on SAVE NEW ACTIVITY to save the note
The note will be registered in the Activity section.


You can add a note to a new activity that you manually register or to an existing one.



To register a note associated with a new activity, access the new activity registration form.

You access it by clicking on the yellow icon Add new activity on the right menu.
Or clicking on the three dots at the right of the menu and selecting the option Log activity.
A form window will open up, click on the field Type and choose from the drop down menu the type of activity you want to register.
Fill in the information and add the note on the field Note.
Scroll down and click on SAVE NEW ACTIVITY.
The note will be registered on the Activity section and associated.


To register a note associated with an existing activity -it has already taken place, go to the company's Activity section and find the activity you want to add the note to.
Use the filters for an easier search.
Hover your mouse over the activity tile you want to add the note to and click on the pencil that appears.
The Edit Activity form will open up, on the field Note, type the text you want to add.
Scroll down and click on SAVE.
The note will be added to the activity and registered on the Activity section.
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