How are LinkedIn messages synchronised

For a LinkedIn message to be synchronized, the following requirements need to be fulfilled. If you still have questions, our support team will be happy to assist you.

Bloobirds plug-in

The user needs to have installed the Bloobirds Chrome extension plug-in. Go to Bloobirds Chrome extension on the Chrome store and click on ADD TO CHROME. Please note that it needs to be version 2.0 of our LinkedIn Chrome Extension.
Then click on ADD EXTENSION
Now you have the plug-in installed.

Log in to LinkedIn

Log in to your LinkedIn profile and click on the bottom right on the Bloobirds icon and log in to your Bloobirds account. Note that you will not be able to log in to the extension if you have not first logged into your LinkedIn profile.
Important! Make sure your LinkedIn page is configured in English. You can change the language in Me > Language > English (English).
LNK_7.png          LNK_8.png

LinkedIn URL

The Linkedin URL of the lead needs to be included on the lead's profile.
Use the Bloobirds Capture plug-in, and open the LinkedIn tab on the lead's LinkedIn profile. Fill in the corresponding fields and click on + SAVE LEAD WITHOUT A COMPANY.
Or, if the company already exists on Bloobirds +SAVE LEAD TO COMPANY.

Or, you can also do it with a copy-paste, click on the lead's name and a window will pop up.
Include the lead's LinkedIn URL on the field LinkedIn URL profile and click on SAVE at the bottom.


Final check

Now you can write your LinkedIn messages to your lead.
Important! To ensure your messages are sent in real-time, make sure you send the messages from the messaging section.
And they will be registered in the company's Activity section on Bloobirds.
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