Lead status


Get familiarized with the Bloobirds lead's status, as they will guide you through your day-to-day:



When a lead is created, it is by default in status New. If a lead is in status New or Backlog and a cadence is assigned to it or an attempt is made, it changes to On prospection automatically. 
It has been assigned. We recommend you start prospecting it.

On Prospection

A SDR is currently prospecting the lead. You should follow the prospecting cadence to get in touch with the lead. Once a lead has the status On Prospection or a later status we recommend always having a next step planned. This is the way to guarantee that every company follows the sales funnel.



An SDR has contacted the lead. In this status, the objective is to fill in the qualifying questions to assess the business potential and awaken the lead's curiosity in order to schedule a meeting with the Account Executive.

It's a semi-automatic status and It's usually used when there is a correct contact with the lead. You can activate a workflow so the lead changes to contacted when incoming activity is received.



The lead has demonstrated interest in the solution and has answered the qualifying questions. We recommend you add tasks manually to convert the touch to a meeting.



The SDR has scheduled a meeting with the lead. We recommend you contact the lead before the meeting to avoid non-shows. If the lead doesn't attend the meeting, reschedule it. The lead changes to meeting automatically if a meeting is scheduled.


When the Account Executive, considers there is a business potential will decide to create an opportunity. The lead becomes a contact. This status indicates that the lead is already in the sales pipeline or is about to become a client.



When it has not been possible to contact the lead after the defined cadence, the SDR must decide whether to change the status of the company to:



The lead isn't a good fit at the moment. We recommend you reschedule the cadence to a future date to re-prospect the lead in a few months. Whenever the lead shows an interaction with the marketing content, the SDR may decide to change the status to On Prospection and the lead will be prospected again. Add the nurturing reasons.
On hold
Leads without next step that you want to keep as “paused” without being classified as Inactive. Add the on hold reasons.
The lead isn't a good fit.  Add the discarded reason.








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