Keep in mind when creating a company

Here you are some things to take into account when creating a new company.


Ensure that the compulsory fields marked with an * are properly filled in, otherwise you will not be able to create the company.



Pay special attention to the Website field, the URL must be fully correct and always use the same format to type it in.
To prevent the creation of duplicates, Bloobirds will verify if the website is already associated to an existing company.

When the leads of inbound come in, the URL field is used to do the matching with the lead's email.



This field indicates how the contact was established and is compulsory, make sure you always fill it in.

There are several ways through which a company can come into Bloobirds: inbound, outbound, partners and referral:
  • Inbound: the lead has taken the initiative to get in touch with us, this usually takes place after a marketing campaign, an event, a conference.
  • Outbound: your company has taken the initiative to get in touch with the lead.
  • Referral: somebody has recommended your company to the lead.
  • Partners: the lead comes via companies with which we collaborate to sell our services. 

Target market

The target market field refers to the market segmentation, this is the way in which you group companies that share common characteristics that are relevant to sales.

Therefore, it determines the messaging the SDR will use when prospecting the lead.


The scenario field groups the companies according to their level of maturity. This helps you address them when the window of opportunity is right.

Depending its level of maturity, a company will have realised the necessity and will have more urgency on purchasing your services. Therefore this field determines the messaging.


The information on the company should be filled in as soon as it is available, regardless of your role in the sales team.

Market research should strive to fill in a much information as possible before the company is assigned to an SDR. 

Ideally, only the information that is available when speaking to the lead should be left to be filled in by the SDR.

Always be precise and thorough when filling in the fields, as it not only determines the success of the sales strategy going forward but also the accuracy of the data in the system.
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