Target markets


A target market is a group of individuals sharing similar needs or characteristics that your solution can add value to.

Identifying a target market allows your sales team to customize the sales strategy and messaging according to their perceived benefits and focus your efforts on those most likely to purchase.

In this section, you can create and define your company's targets based on which you will visualize your messaging, reporting results, and cadences.




How does it work? 

To access this section, you need to have Bloobirds' admin rights.

Create target markets

Go to My Playbook and select Target Markets from the left menu bar.
Create a new target market by clicking on +NEW TARGET MARKET, fill in the name, and select the most appropriate cadence to prospect it.
Segmentation is a way to classify your target market according to its characteristics, to fill it in ask yourself do they:
  • operate in the same countries?
  • belong to the same industry?
  • have a specific tier or billing level?
  • share a common product-to-sell?

Use these answers to predetermine the value of fields according to the target market.

In this way, if your target market is B2B procurement Spain, you may want to set as a condition that when this target market is selected, the field Country is filled in automatically with the value Spain.


The same target market can encompass more than one country, or industry... therefore you can select several predetermined values.


Finally, choose the buyer personas for this target market. This is, the people profile that your sales team will aim at. For example, Head of Sales and Sales Manager. Click on SAVE.



Review target markets

To have an eagle's view of the current target markets and their segmentation, click on Check Target Markets.





Delete target markets

When you delete a target market, it will be deleted as well from the company profiles. Avoid deleting target markets unless you have previously assigned all companies associated with this target market to another one.
It is preferable that you deactivate them instead, in this way, you will be able to keep the target market deactivated within the company profile associated, but you will not be able to select it for future company creations.

Changing target markets

When changing a target market, if the new target market has a different cadence, the associated company cadence will change.
Therefore the new cadence will no longer match the tasks carried out so far in this company.


Each target market must have one type of segmentation. Make sure there is a different segmentation for each target market identified.
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